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I’m currently exploring connections between scholarship, history, music, wood, and land, and how they apply to my own personal context.

I am way behind on getting our firewood cut for the winter.

We created the first ever winter market for the Culver Farmers’ Market.  It’s about to start, and I’m having fun rallying vendors, customers, and various civic leaders behind the concept.

I’m excited to get back into making chocolates for the winter farmers’ market.  I miss the artistry, the involvement of all the senses, in the process of developing chocolate confections.

I’m experimenting with year ’round production of microgreens at the farm.

I fear I am losing my hearing.  Difficult for a musician to handle.  I don’t know what ramifications that will have for me.

I recently have come to understand, in a very visceral way, that I do not like walking on concrete.  My soul needs to walk on soil.  It’s more profound than it sounds…

(Last Updated 14 October, 2018)