American Revolution: Leadership Analysis

Daniel Morgan: Revolutionary Leader

Though I rarely subscribe to the “Great Man” historical theory, I remain fascinated by the convergence of great leaders and the situations that allow their greatness.  This essay analyses the development of the leadership style of General Daniel Morgan, one of the pivotal leaders of the American Revolutionary War. (more…)

World / Ecological History Analysis

Sharks vs. Jets Rats in 20th Century Environmental History:
J.R. McNeill’s Something New Under the Sun

Though I am primarily a local- and institutional historian, I am also fascinated by ecological history.  The study of world history is also important, both intrinsically and as a means to provide context to local events.  This essay provides analysis of J. R. McNeill’s work of environmental and world history, Something New Under the Sun. (more…)

Archival Practice Research Paper

Culver Academies: An Archives for the Secondary School

As an educator and a historian, I have a keen interest in the historical development of curricula, as well as institutional heritage and culture.  In an attempt to formulate a plan for Culver Academies to preserve its own current curriculum development processes, I researched current practices for academic archives. (more…)

Oral History Project Proposal

Tradition and Change:
evolution of the Culver Academies culture, 1960-2016

The Culver Academies is in the midst of a generational shift: a large portion of the faculty and administration are members of the Baby Boomer generation, and has begun to retire in significant numbers.  This changeover represents both a challenge and an opportunity.  With the departure of a large number of long-term community members comes the risk of losing a great deal of institutional knowledge.  But this is also a time when instituting change may be easier, both emotionally and socially. (more…)

Oral History Interview

Richard Davies

Dr. Richard Davies, a teacher, counselor, faculty marshal, and coach at Culver Academies from 1966 to 2008, is a beloved, long-time member of the Culver Academies community.  His tenure saw monumental institutional shifts, as well as national and global events which affected the school. (more…)

Exhibition Interpretation Plan

The Culver Farmer

As I was completing my Museum and Exhibition Culture course, the director of the Museum of Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee History was inspired to create an exhibit celebrating Culver agriculture and farmers.  (more…)

Exhibition Proposal

Our Impact on Lake Maxinkuckee

Created for HIST635, Museum and Exhibition Culture, this proposal recommends the creation of a small, inexpensive, but powerful exhibit in collaboration between two heritage agencies in Culver, (more…)

Historic Preservation Project

State Exchange Bank Building, Culver, Indiana:
the bank that Good Will built

Though the assignment that incited this paper instructed one to “find a public historic building in (my) community that (I) believe is successfully preserved,” I chose instead to focus on a building that is presently underutilized and in urgent need of preservation work. (more…)